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Advanced Web Development Duration- 8 Months 2000/-

Web Programming Training in Kolkata

Web programmers are always required in various website development companies which always makes them high in demand. This makes web programming a truly commendable career path for those who are technically oriented. If you are seeking web programming training in Kolkata, then you should definitely get in touch with Prithvish Banerjee as he can present you with a thoroughly detailed understanding about the different facets of web programming training in Kolkata. His academic training style involves in-depth discussions about various aspects and lessons of web programming that are explored in most of the books written on the subject of web programming. The web programming course in Kolkata offered by him can offer complete understanding about the subject matter.

PHP MySQL training in Kolkata

When you are looking to train for becoming a successful web developer in your own right, you must focus on developing in-depth knowledge about PHP MySQL as it can help you to create highly competent websites that are packed with multiple features. The right kind of PHP MySQL training in Kolkata can greatly help you to enhance your career prospects. Prithvish Banerjee is a leading provider of top end PHP MySQL training sessions in Kolkata that can help you to master the PHP language as well as the MySQL database to work with them. With his help, you can certainly develop enhanced knowledge on working with the PHP language.

WordPress training in Kolkata

Originally developed to be a mere blogging tool, WordPress is now one of the most widely used CMS programs in the world. Hundreds and thousands of sites are made with WordPress on a daily basis. WordPress also offers enhanced flexibility to site builders who want to create customized sites with the CMS. In fact, it is quite easy to create custom WordPress themes that can be used for determining the look and feel of a website. So if you are keen on becoming a WordPress developer on your own, you should definitely sign up for the best quality WordPress training in Kolkata. Prithvish Banerjee is one of the most trusted names when it comes to computer education in Kolkata and he can guide you step by step through the whole process of creating websites with WordPress. With his comprehensive WordPress training modules, you can post content in the CMS, work with templates and also create unique looking websites with custom WordPress themes.

JavaScript training in Kolkata

JavaScript is one of the most important programming languages that are used extensively for developing and designing websites. By combining JavaScript with HTML, it is possible to create dynamically interactive websites within a short time. Knowing all about the applications of JavaScript can really enhance your professional position as a web developer. So if you are looking to sign up for the best quality JavaScript training in Kolkata, then you should definitely get in touch with Prithvish Banerjee as he can guide you effectively to learn and apply this programming language for your own web development needs. With his expert guidance, you can customize the end results of all your web development projects by using JavaScript effectively.

Web Graphics training in Kolkata

Do you fancy a career in web graphics and web designing? Then you should develop an in-depth understanding of how web graphics works and how it can be used to create stunning websites. The scope of web graphics is huge nowadays and as a web designer you can actually achieve a lot by having a good training to begin with. So if you are looking to find a teacher who can provide you with best quality web graphics training in Kolkata, you should definitely get in touch with Prithvish Banerjee as he can help you to learn everything that you need to know about this subject and be a professional web designer in your own right.