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Offered Courses

Certificate in Information Technology (CITA) (6 month) fees-500/- per month
Diploma in Information Technology Application (DITA) (12 month) fees 600/- per month
Advance Diploma in Information Technology Application (ADITA) (18 month) 700/- per month

Office Automation Training in Kolkata

With more offices and professional environments choosing to automate their workplaces, there is now a greater need of professionals who are familiar with the whole process of office automation. If you are thinking of getting office automation training in Kolkata, then you should definitely consult Prithvish Banerjee as he is a reputed computer education teacher with many years of experience in this industry. The office automation training provided here can educate students on a wide range of subjects such as MS Word, MS Excel, MS PowerPoint , MS Access as well as internet technology. At Jatiya Yuva Computer Shaksharta Mission, extensive office automation course is offered in Kolkata that can present with detailed instructions on fully automating all kinds of office systems. So if you want to improve your career prospects with office automation program in Kolkata, enroll for the best quality education at JYCSM Garia Branch today.

MS-Office training in Kolkata

If you are looking to be a part of any professional environment, then you must know how to work with the MS-Office suite as it is extensively used for different kinds of official or corporate purposes. Therefore it can be a great help to your career if you enroll yourself for the right kind of MS-Office training. Prithvish Banerjee is a leading provider of MS-Office training in Kolkata who has been working with students for many years. With his efficient training and support, you will be able to learn about the different software components included in the MS-Office suite and how to use them. This will naturally increase your chances of securing a great job for yourself.

MS-Word training in Kolkata

Are you looking to enhance your value in the job market? Then you should certainly learn how to use MS-Word as it can be extremely helpful in your career. The MS-Word program is an important part of the MS-Office suite and it is regularly used for writing down a wide range of textual papers and documents. So if you are well versed in using MS-Word, then it can serve as a major boost to your career prospects. Prithvish Banerjee is an experienced tutor who offers courses on MS-Word training in Kolkata. With his help, you can certainly sharpen your understanding about using MS-Word in your day to day life and also contribute to the efficiency of any office or corporate environment that you are a part of.

MS-Excel training in Kolkata

Whether it is about maintaining spreadsheets or creating progress reports, MS-Excel is used for a wide range of tasks in a corporate or professional environment. It is therefore no surprise that MS-Excel is one of the most important applications that are used for different kinds of office activities. So if you are interested in enhancing your chances of finding a good job, you should certainly learn about MS-Excel as it can have a remarkable impact on your resume. Prithvish Banerjee is a leading tutor known for offering MS-Excel training in Kolkata. With his help, you can certainly master all the things that you need to know about MS-Excel and work towards building a better career for yourself.