Hardware Training

Offered Courses

Certificate in Computer Hardware Maintenance (CCHM) Duration- 6 Months ( 1 semester ) 600/- per month

Hardware Training in Kolkata

Along with software, nowadays there is widespread demand for experts who are skilled in working with hardware components. Professional hardware experts can work with hardware systems and even repair major and minor technical glitches with them. Due to this reason, there is now a great demand for hardware courses in Kolkata. If you are looking for hardware training in Kolkata, you can certainly get in touch with Prithvish Banerjee as he can present you with top of the line training in dealing with different types of hardware systems. Being the leading expert of a hardware institute in Kolkata, Prithvish Banerjee has been guiding students for many years and assisting them to fulfill their career dreams. With his help, you can certainly develop a firm knowledge on hardware technology.