Offered Courses

Certificate in Desktop Publishing (CDTP) Duration- 6 Months ( 1 semester ) 600/- per month
Diploma in Desktop Publishing (DDTP) Duration- 12 Months ( 2 semester) 800/- per month

DTP Training in South Kolkata

Desktop Publishing is an excellent way to create flawlessly printed copies of artwork, images and other image and text materials. Having the right kind of training on desktop publishing can help a person in a great way to create excellent printed copies. So if you are looking for DTP training in South Kolkata, then you consult Prithvish Banerjee as he is truly one of the best computer experts in the city to provide you with such training. From getting you acquainted with the basic process of Desktop Publishing to giving you tips about improving the quality of the prints themselves, Prithvish Banerjee can guide you every step of the way to make sure that you get yourself thoroughly well versed with DTP techniques. So contact him today to avail the best quality DTP Training facilities in South Kolkata.